William Stewart

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When Jonathan Strange is serving under Lord Wellington in Portugal he goes in search of his lordship to his temporary headquarters at the house of Jose Estoril; but on asking to speak to him Strange is coolly rebuffed by Wellington's staff officers, one of them General Stewart[29].

Described by our author as "proud and handsome", General Stewart was a Scotsman, then aged about 37. He had previously had the honour to serve with the great Lord Nelson at the Battle of Copenhagen and impressed him very favourably, causing the Hero to write of him in despatches as "an excellent and indefatigable young man, and depend upon it, the rising hope of our army". Lord Wellington however, a man altogether more reserved in his judgments, considered that Stewart did not shine in independent command. He wrote with his customary decisiveness "It is necessary that Stewart should be under the particular charge of somebody." The somebody was usually Lord Wellington.


William Drummond Stewart