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Waterloo is the name of a city- though at the time it could hardly be dignified with the title of village - in Belgium. It was the principal site of the great battle where the allied forces of Europe defeated the final attempt of Napoleon Buonaparte to conquer them. The Battle of Waterloo took place there in June 1815.

reconstitution waterloo.jpg

Crowds are having a day at the field while reenactors are having a field day.200.000 spectators witness the 200th anniversary of Jonathan Strange's magical interventions.Now try to spot Waldo.

Battle Waterloo.jpg

Dress rehearsal. Mr Strange must have been quite impressed.

foto (6).JPG

Yours truly enjoying a surprisingly nice commemorative new beer -- will only be available throughout 2015... If you're around, or planning a trip, send me a message (these pictures will be removed on December 31st)