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A Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell Compendium

Welcome, dear Friends of English Magic! Our goal with this site is to organize the people, spells, events, locations, books... everything in the wonderful and rich world of Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. To navigate the site, use the panel on the left of the screen. You can search for a specific article, or simply browse through our categories.

This site contains spoilers! We are a wiki, like Wikipedia, which means that everyone can contribute; please do not hesitate to do so! Click here for a very brief guide on how to get started.

And to all of you joining in after seeing the BBC series: watch the series again, read the book again, compare and join us in our future indignation (in other words: come be a Norrellite). But if, after having done the above, you fancy writing your own pages in the Great Book of Revived Magic, then please feel free to add Strangite to your résumé! The focus of our site will remain on the book (and related writings) of Susanna Clarke, but references to the BBC series are welcome if clearly marked as such.

About this website

The Library at Hurtfew was created in January 2008, 191 years after the events of the extraordinary Revival of English Magic. It was once in its extreme infancy, but has now reached the stage where it's still cute, but the parents have mostly got bored of it and it is treated better by its distant relations. Please help by contributing! All feedback is welcome here, at our site discussion page.

And finally, a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum, which amongst others, is a place for new members to introduce themselves to the rest of our vibrant community! Lurkers and curious fans of the novel can also tell us (and therefore the whole world) why they (dis)like the book so very much and what brought them here! No matter how old you are, we won't judge your comment - but please do remain polite at all times - so consider yourself welcome and appreciated!

Wikispaces closing & keeping in touch

It seems like Wikispaces is set to close down later in 2018. See the Forum for an ongoing discussion about our future plans. You can also sign up for the Library at Hurtfew Google Group to stay in touch and be informed about major decisions.