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In the future, when we have things to organise, this page will probably be less redundant. (As it is, everything can be reached from the nav bar anyway.)


The timeline is currently divided into three sections:

The Timeline of English Magic covers all events until the beginning of the Revival of English Magic in 1807.

The Timeline of the Revival of English Magic lists events from 1807-1817, which, from one perspective, may be understood to be the dates of the Revival. These are, of course, the years detailed in the book Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

The Post Revival Timeline notes a handful of occurrences in the decade and a half following the Revival of English Magic.


Books, Persons, Places, Organizations, Spells


Here is the brief guide to contributing, and here is our style guide. The following is a list of the top contributors (this month):

Technical stuff

There is a list of wanted (linked to but unwritten) pages here, but it doesn't capitalise the titles, so don't start the new page directly from those links.

There are 533 pages in this space. It is inhabited by 155 members and 4 organizers. Here are some more stats that may be interesting to you.

Discussion and Help

Discussion about the wiki here, discussion of style here, and general forum here. For help, feel free to post on one of those pages.


There are currently 4 site organizers:
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