Signor Tosetti

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Signor Tosetti is an Italian lawyer, connected by marriage to the lady who rents out the palazzo where the Greysteels stay in Venice. He is of a small but elegant figure and lives on the island of Giudecca.

Being able to speak English, and naturally desirous of obliging the guests of his sister-in-law, Signor Tosetti is very useful in helping the Greysteels in their search for Mrs Delgado. He accompanies them to Canareggio on their first visit and translates what they say into Italian for Mrs Delgado’s greater understanding (for it seems she has lost all her languages). Though men of law are generally reckoned practical and hard-headed Signor Tosetti demonstrates unusual sensibility, and despite his politeness he cannot disguise his perturbation at the manner of Mrs Delgado’s life among her cats;indeed his distress is so evident Aunt Greysteel feels it necessary to recommend a glass of water to him.

Later Signor Tosetti confesses to Dr Greysteel that he had long ago heard details of Mrs Delgado’s sad story, but had thought it a childish fable until convinced of it by the evidence of his own eyes[52]