Royal Scots Greys

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The Royal Scots Greys are a heavy cavalry regiment, habitually mounted only on grey horses. One of their number had the honour to save the life of Jonathan Strange at the Battle of Waterloo[40].

It is a curious fact that a Sergeant Charles Ewart of the Scots Greys, who fought at Waterloo, describes an incident very similar to that which nearly cost Strange his life. At one point in the battle Sergeant Ewart was part of a charge which resulted in the capture of a French eagle. Ordered off the battlefield with his prize, Sergeant Ewart therefore took no further part in the action; which was perhaps lucky for him, as his regiment shortly came under such a sustained assault by the French cavalry as cost them many lives. Relating the details of his charge in after life Sergeant Ewart said of the French soldiers who attempted to impede him: "One made a thrust at my groin, I parried him off and cut him down through the head. A lancer came at me - I threw the lance off by my right side and cut him through the chin and upwards through the teeth."

The sergeant however makes no mention of Strange's being there; but understandably, in the excitement of the moment, he might not notice.