Margaret Ford

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According to a folk tale, 'The losing of the Master of Nottingham's ring', Margaret Ford was a 12th century woman who found the Master of Nottingham's ring and used it maliciously. According to Jonathan Strange however the tale was a mere distortion of historical truth. He believed that in reality Margaret Ford was one of a fellowship of female magicians flourishing in Nottinghamshire in the 12th century. These ladies attracted the enmity of the Master of Nottingham, who perhaps resented their intrusion into the world of magical scholarship, although his own daughter was one of their number. At any rate, he drove them at last from the protection of their husbands and brothers to live in the woods, until they finally sought succour from the Aureate Thomas Godbless[25].

According to the legend Margaret Ford was the wife of John Ford, who held the manor of Fiskerton.

fellowship of female magicians.jpg

Seven magicians of the female persuasion, all with their specific accoutrements.