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Colonel Manningham (his first name is not given, but he is perhaps of the same family as the distinguished Coote Manningham who died a Hero's death at Corunna) is an acquaintance of Strange and hails him in the street on his first arrival in Brussels shortly before the Battle of Waterloo commences.

Strange is walking about the city - partly to get his bearings and also, if possible, locate his Grace the Duke of Wellington - and yet feeling a little uneasy as he does so, because the streets of Brussels show not the least sign that the storm of war is about to break over them. Everywhere is gaiety, fashion and ease - indeed no sooner does Manningham greet Strange than he cordially invites him to attend a party at the apartments of the a Lady Charlotte Greville. When Strange objects that he does not even know the lady, Manningham airily assures him of a welcome; and indeed his sanguine expectation is answered. Strange goes, and there finds the sort of trifling entertainment he might have hoped to have left behind him in London. And there at its heart is the very man he had set off in search of - Lord Wellington[40]