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The arch-ruler of Hell and king of demons. According to Christian belief, Lucifer (the name means 'light-bearer') was once the leader of the heavenly host, but he rebelled against God and was thereupon cast down into Hell, there to rule over his fallen and degraded followers. The poet Milton has written upon this catastrophe at some length.

According to some commentators John Uskglass leased his realm called 'the Bitter Lands' from Lucifer[23]. We have no need to believe the truth of this doubtless malicious charge; but the references in the King's Prophecy to some dispute between the Raven King and the powers of Hell suggest there was at the least some necessary intercourse between them, which led in time to conflict. Certainly it is always a tricky thing to strike bargains with Lucifer, as numerous magicians have discovered - the tale of Faustus is well known.