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In 1816 Gilbert Norrell is vexed to discover a school for magicians has been opened in Henrietta-street, Covent-garden. It has been advertised by its master, a Mr Knight, as being ordered "upon the same principles which guided our Foremost Magician, Mr Norrell, in teaching his Illustrious Pupil, Jonathan Strange". On Mr Norrell's behalf Henry Lascelles sends a stiff letter to Mr Knight, protesting that he cannot possibly be privy to any such principles. Mr Knight replies politely that according to an article by Lord Portishead in The Friends of English Magic of Autumn 1810, Mr Norrell only approves training based upon the principles laid down by Francis Sutton-Grove in his De Generibus Artium Magicarum Anglorum. Mr Knight had bought his own copy of this interesting book and had based his curriculum upon it.

Mr Knight further invited Mr Norrell to act as Visiting Tutor to the members of his school; but although we are not told of any response, it is unlikely this request would meet with a favourable answer. [50]