Jeremy Johns

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Jeremy Johns is the trusted personal servant of Jonathan Strange. He attends his master when the latter goes to visit Arabella Woodhope with a view to persuading her to marry him; when he moves to London; and when he goes to the Peninsula. He does not, however, depart with him on his continental tour or go with him into the Pillar of Darkness.

So entire is the confidence Strange reposes in him that it is to Johns that he writes when he fails to persuade Arabella's brother, Rev. Henry Woodhope to investigate her death, asking him to carry out the exhumation which the clergyman indignantly refused. Johns immediately and unquestioningly does so, an instance of his loyalty to his master. Nevertheless the first meeting between the two had hardly been auspicious. Johns had been sent in search of a bottle of sherry wine to satisfy a late-night whim of Laurence Strange. Unable to find one in the usual places, he bethought him of the private apartments of the younger Mr. Strange, acting upon the (correct) supposition that a single young gentleman would be highly likely to possess the very thing he sought. Making a search of the rooms, which he believed to be empty, he discovered a bottle inside one of a pair of boots, took it out and poured a bumper. At this point he raised his eyes to find the rooms were not in fact empty and that Jonathan Strange was observing his procedure with silent incredulity. Johns offered no explanation of his actions at the time, but later Strange interviewed him at length and was favourably impressed by his ready wit and firmness of purpose. By the time Strange is setting off on his courtship of Miss Woodhope Jeremy Johns is riding with him as his valet and general factotum[22].