Henry Purfois

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The Honourable Henry Purfois is one of the three pupils Strange intends to educate as magicians (the others are Tom Levy and William Hadley-Bright). Purfois, the second son of Lord Chaldecott[49], is tall and good-looking[50]. Discussing his ideas for their education with Sir Walter Pole Strange describes Purfois and the other two as "very promising", though he adds that Henry has read a little too much of the second-rate literature on magic and in consequence his conversation is a little tedious[49]. Purfois has certainly read about the magic of Dr. Pale, for in the crisis following Gilbert Norrell's suppression of Strange's book he suggests using one of Pale's spells[50]. He also seems quite reluctant to give up the idea of calling out Norrell for his actions over Strange's book, which may indicate a bloodthirsty character - but more probably, he has romancy notions of the so-called 'honour' of duelling[50].