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The Greysteels are an English family with whom Strange becomes intimate during his Italian tour. He meets them first at an hotel in Genoa and likes them so much that, after leaving them briefly for a visit to Bologna, he decides to return and travel with them to Venice [50]. The family consists of a retired doctor, Lancelot Greysteel, his unmarried sister Louisa (usually known as Aunt Greysteel) and his only child, Flora. They are also accompanied by their faithful servant Frank. When they are not travelling, this estimable family resides in Wiltshire[60].

Strange's remarks about Flora in letters home to his friends encourage them to hope he is forming a new romantic attachment[50], and this is partly true: but the discovery that his wife Arabella Strange is still alive[55] naturally stifles such a development. Flora Greysteel still stands high enough in his regard however for Strange to appoint her as the person to whom he entrusts his wife when he breaks the enchantment holding her in Lost-hope, and Flora's influence with him is also strong enough for her to persuade Strange to abandon the dangerous practice of achieving an altered state of mind by using the tincture of madness[60].

Eventually the Greysteels receive Arabella when she is released from her enchantment on the death of the gentleman with the thistle-down hair. She emerges into their rented home in Padua by way of a mirror Strange had given to Flora. [68] For some time thereafter Arabella makes her home with the Greysteel family.