George Gordon Byron

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George, Lord Byron
George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron, but perhaps best known simply as Lord Byron, was a peer notorious for his lax moral habits. Heavily in debt, plagued by scandal and careless of all decency, in 1816 he abandoned his wife and fled abroad. He travelled Europe in the company of his physician, a Dr. Polidori, and a series of female friends. As well as engaging in warfare against the Turkish empire on behalf of the Greeks, his lordship also wrote some distinguished poetry.

It was while he was travelling in Europe that Lord Byron's path crossed that of Jonathan Strange. The two appear to have first met in Geneva and to have taken an immediate and mutual dislike; only after they had removed to Venice did their relations improve. Lord Byron greatly resented the actions of Mr. Norrell in regard to Strange's book: he felt they were a monstrous attempt to censor a writer's work, and was very warm in taking Strange's part[51]. Some time later (after Strange had fallen under the enchantment of the Pillar of Darkness and become little better than a raving madman) their relations improved even more[56,57].

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