George Cruikshank

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The Prince Regent

Like his father, the celebrated printmaker Isaac Cruikshank, Mr George Cruikshank is one of those satirical artists whose work sharply tasks the follies of the age: but it must be said that he also sometimes strays beyond the bounds of common decency. The liveliness of his style and the vigour of his criticisms are too seldom restrained by a sense of that respect which is due to all members of society - indeed, he does not even spare those of the most exalted rank. (Some of his attacks upon the person and character of the Prince Regent, for example, would scarcely be tolerated in any country other than our own. See that upon the right.)

It is Mr Cruikshank who, in the aftermath of the Drawlight scandal, drew the notorious caricature depicting Mr Strange and Mr Norrell as little better than mercenary assassins [37].

Further examples of his style are to be found here.

And lastly, a family called Cruickshank is also the subject of a story told by Mrs Littleworth at her table[5] - but whether it is the same family as the artist's, we cannot tell