George Canning

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Though he amusingly describes himself as "an Irishman born in London" (both his parents were in fact Irish), Mr Canning has for long been an essential part of the governance of Great Britain, and though History has yet to give her verdict on his character and policies, to his contemporaries at least he shines forth as a man of outstanding talents. More may be found about him here

It was Mr Canning who, notoriously, accepted a challenge from Lord Castlereagh over a matter of policy: indeed, the two men subsequently fought a duel. It was scarcely an equal match, for Lord Castlereagh was an excellent shot while Mr Canning had barely handled a pistol. He fired first, missed completely and his opponent then shot him neatly through the thigh. He made a good return to health, but public outrage at these undignified proceedings was so great that both men thought it best to resign their offices.