Exsanguination of the maid of Allendale

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Exsanguination means 'the removal of blood'.

The exsanguination of the maid of Allendale took place in December of 1110, during the Raven King's conquest of Northern England. The Daoine Sidhe, or fairy host, was moving west across Northern England and at length they came to Allendale, a small Northumbrian sheepherding settlement. The nearest soldiers were thirty-five miles away preparing to defend Carlisle; consequently the little town had no protection and no means to defend itself. The townspeople thought that under these conditions the best thing to do was to make friends with the strange army and consequently several young women set off toward their camp. When they got to the camp, however, it was so eerie and silent a place the women became afraid and hung back, until one of them, bolder than the rest, went up to a soldier and kissed him. He seemed pleased. He was beautiful, and he at once began to dance with her, after his own fashion; and when she became tired and heated with the dance she took off her cloak - whereupon drops of blood were revealed to be forming on her skin like sweat, and falling into the snow. This terrified her companions, who ran away.

The strange army left Allendale untouched and rode on to Carlisle. After they departed, the townspeople made their way up to the abandoned camp. There they found the woman's body, completely "white and drained of blood while the snow around her was stained bright red. By these signs they recognized the Fairy Host." [45]


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