Duke of Clarence

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The Duke of Clarence - later his Majesty King William IV - was the third son of King George III . In late 1814 he, along with four of his royal brothers, condescended to pay a visit to the house of Mr. Strange and personally request that he attempt to alleviate the king's madness by magic. Mr Strange assented, tho' without any real hope of effecting a cure[32].

During the visit the duke engages Mrs Strange in conversation, and finding in her that ready sympathy with his father's sufferings which any amiable woman would feel, he responds a little too fulsomely by stroking and kissing her hand. Mrs Strange of course is too polite to notice, let alone resent, this familiarity. The Duke was a man of irregular life who for a period of years kept an Irish actress as his mistress, fathering some ten children by her. Such conduct must leave its mark upon one's manners.