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Dragons are magical beasts renowned for their wisdom, age and ferocity. They are of great size, armoured in scales, have sinuous bodies like snakes, and sometimes are shown as having wings and the ability to breathe fire. By common repute they have a love of gold and are fond of hoarding treasure, of which they are excessively jealous. Many dragons are mentioned in fables and legends, especially of Christian saints (St. George for example is noted for slaying a very troublesome one). Lucifer himself is often depicted in the form of a great dragon.

John Uskglass had a chamber in his palace at Newcastle wonderfully decorated with carvings, and featuring especially five splendid dragons. Indeed so striking were these carvings that they gave their name not merely to the room but to the court that was sometimes held there, Les Cinque Dragownes[37].

She-dragons are extremely rare.