Doncaster Squares

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The Doncaster Squares is a sort of magic "which is performed upon a board like a chessboard" [68] and makes use of stones [54]. It may or may not be connected with the Master of Doncaster.

checkered stones.jpg

Old churches, cathedrals, abbeys and other Christian buildings are full of magical (alchemical) symbols, notably chequered stones. The most commonly accepted explanation is that these stones were magical marks.

Master of Doncaster.jpg

Chessboards figures and patterns and chess rooks can be found all over medieval Europe in Christian buildings. Checkerboard patterns can be traced back the ancient Egyptians. So the argument that the Doncaster Squares predate the events in Penlaw can indeed be validated. Oftentimes these checkerboards can be seen in the masonry in Northern England buildings of the era. Often the pattern is concealed and only visible to the trained magicians' eye.

Doncaster squares.jpg

This unique and lovely ivory carving (around 1100), depicts the Magister Magius (on the left) showing the use of Doncaser Squares to the Novitate Magius (on the right).