Aunt Greysteel

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Louisa Greysteel, generally referred to in the book as Aunt Greysteel, is the sister of the retired physician Dr Greysteel. She accompanies him and his daughter Flora Greysteel on their tour of Italy, where they become friendly with Jonathan Strange. An excellent household manager, Aunt Greysteel is a kindly and maternal woman who, being fortunately unmarried, has to a great extent been able to fill the place of Flora's dead mother: her niece's wellbeing is her constant care [60]. Though a person of clear principles and irreproachable conduct she is too kind-hearted to be severe in judging the behaviour of others [56]. More domestic than her brother and less independent in her thinking than her niece, she takes no direct part in the development of the story but, typically, is the first to embrace and welcome Arabella Strange on her successful escape from Faerie [68].