"The Raven King"

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"The Raven King" is a well-known ballad that describes the abduction of a Christian by John Uskglass. The people abducted were generally those of particular virtue or beauty [3]. It is unclear if the abductee in the ballad is a man or a woman. The unfortunate person says,

Not long, not long my father said
Not long shall you be ours
The Raven King knows all too well
Which are the fairest flowers
Her arms were all too feeble
Though she claimed to love me so
The Raven King stretched out his hand
She sighed and let me go

The sound of a silvery bell was often heard just before such an abduction. John Hyde hears such a bell when he sees the waff of Arabella Strange on the Dyke prior to her abduction by the gentleman with thistle-down hair.