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Wapping (it is pronounced to rhyme with 'hopping') is an insalubrious part of London, very close to the river. It is the haunt of mudlarkers, tavern-keepers, sailors and their girls, and much of London's river traffic takes place there - as also does much of the pilfering and petty thievery which plague the river so. Partly to remedy this, at about the time of the Revival of English Magic certain concerned and public-spirited merchants funded the city's first enclosed docks.

Since at least the days of Good Queen Bess malefactors whose crimes were committed at sea have been hanged at Execution Dock in Wapping. To make their fates more terrible, after they had suffered their bodies were not decently buried but chained at low water mark and left to endure "the washing of three tides", after which they were covered in tar and hung in chains from the public gibbet. It cannot be said however that the inhabitants take much example from this awful demonstration, for Wapping continues a rather desperate place.

We are told that Vinculus is conceived in Wapping[30], and Stephen Black once attends a servants' ball there[15]. The former fact is hardly surprising perhaps; the latter is.