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The Redruth family consists of a Mr Redruth, a clergyman of some fifty or sixty years, and his four grown children, whom we learn are three daughters and a son. All of the latter are self-declared magicians, though Mr. Redruth himself is not.

Although three of his children are reclusive in temperament and shun the company of others - even other students of magic - Mr Redruth accompanies his eldest daughter, Miss Redruth, to the inaugural post-Revival meeting of the Learned Society of York Magicians at her particular desire. She is in fact the only lady there, and yet far from being too abashed to speak in male company, at one point holds forth somewhat heatedly in defence of Jonathan Strange and John Uskglass, and against Gilbert Norrell. She wears a red velvet gown, has dark hair and "a rather fierce expression". Miss Redruth is, in fact, a passionate Strangite[69]