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In response to an enthusiastic remark of Mr. Honeyfoot's to the effect that all the magicians in Yorkshire are jealous of his splendid library, Gilbert Norrell answers with a degree of coolness that he had not known his affairs were a matter of discussion. After a moment's thought he blames a Mr. Thoroughgood, a seller of books and curiosities, as the source of such gossip: "Childermass has warned me several times that Thoroughgood is a chatterer."[1]

Later it is Mr. Thoroughgood who buys up the library of the disbanded Learned Society of York Magicians. When Mr. Segundus belatedly hears of this and hastens to Coffee-yard (where Mr. Thoroughgood has his premises) he finds they have already been sold on. When he asks the name of the purchaser Mr. Thoroughgood - chatterer or no - answers that he would rather not disclose it. But Mr. Segundus guesses, surely correctly, that the buyer is Mr. Norrell[3]