The Excellences of Christo-Judaic Magick

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The Excellences of Christo-Judaic Magick was written in the seventeenth century by a man who, according to Gilbert Norrell, "was a liar, a drunkard, an adulterer and a rogue." (All very deplorable, yet we may ask - what is that to do with his skill as a magician? Do we not daily see such irregularities in the conduct of our noblest families and those who direct our affairs as a nation? and yet we do not deny them respect or high office.)

As to his book, it is a manuscript written on the backs of used pieces of paper (predominantly ale-house bills) which has since been bound. The volume is an autobiographical account of a magician of minor power who undertook adventures of astounding magnitude; it was written as the magician was anticipating his ultimate defeat at the hands of the various enemies he had made over his career [1].