Sir James Southwell

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Sir James Southwell, a gentleman of good property in Northamptonshire, was the unfortunate father of an errant daughter, Maria. Having matched his child irreproachably with a certain Mr Bullworth, Sir James later suffered the mortification of seeing her cast off all decency and run away with Mr Lascelles. Many fathers would have repudiated such a daughter altogether, saying that as she had made her bed, so let her lie on it. It seems Sir James was not so stern. When Mrs Bullworth found herself abandoned by her heartless seducer she evidently applied again to her parent for aid, and he gave it. He established her respectably in a secluded part of Hampstead; an elderly aunt was provided for her spiritual consolation; and in return Sir James stipulated only that Mrs Bullworth never go out into society and never receive any company. Although this was surely a better fate for Mrs Bullworth than coming upon the town, it did not at all satisfy that lady's high notions of her own claims. Her resentments grew so high that in the end she actually contemplated using magical means to inflict | gout upon the author of her being. Fortunately the agent she chose for her revenge was Mr Drawlight, a tool whose edge was soon turned against its user[36]. It is to be hoped Sir James continues in good health.