Restoration and Rectification

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Martin Pale's spell of Restoration and Rectification reverses the effects of recent calamities.

"Like most of Martin Pale's magic, Restoration and Rectification involves the use of a tool or key made specifically for the purpose. In this case the key is a small cross-like object made of two thin pieces of metal. The four arms of the cross represent past state, future state, wholeness (or wellness) and incompleteness (or sickness)" [64].

One notable modern instance of its application was when a young man, Joseph Abney, successfully used it to mend the bones of an injured little girl. This was notable because, according to Gilbert Norrell, Pale's spell involves a "difficult procedure"; and yet young Abney was able to perform it fluidly without any previous study or experience with magic. This incident, occurring early in 1817, was presented as evidence by John Childermass to Norrell that ancient magic was returning to England [61].

In mid-February, 1817, John Segundus also successfully used the spell (with help from John Childermass) to reconnect Lady Pole's missing finger to her hand, thus releasing her from the gentleman with the thistle-down hair's enchantment. Again, this is noteworthy because prior to this Mr Segundus had had little experience - and no success - with practical magic. Also, the hastily-assembled device they used in carrying out the complex spell consisted merely of a spoon, a bodkin, and some ribbon. And yet the magic worked[64].