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Northamptonshire is a midlands county. It has the consequent ill-luck not to possess a single stretch of coastline, being entirely land-locked and surrounded by eight other counties. It possesses no natural features of interest and no towns of real elegance, but has some handsome buildings (Althorp, home of a family who raised their position in the world by applying themselves to farming sheep, is perhaps the finest). It has been improved by the addition of two large modern canals however, and the inhabitants are certainly industrious, excelling above all in the manufacture of footwear.

Great Hitherden, the parish to which Strange's friend Henry Woodhope is translated, is in Northamptonshire, as is a large property which comes to Sir Walter Pole by way of his wife. By her own account Mrs Bullworth was also formerly a leading beauty in that county. It seems her father had his estates there.

Gredon Village.jpg

Grendon Village could be seen as the archetypal small village and civil parish in rural Northamptonshire, England on the borders of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Many houses are made of the local limestone and various older thatched houses still survive. The name of the village means "green hill" and today the village remains centred on the hill. As with Earls Barton, the village was owned by Judith, the niece of William the Conqueror. Johnny, the fishpeddler, once was in love with Judith, but decided to marry his niece Rudolph instead. This caused quite a stir back in the day.