Lord Liverpool

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Lord Liverpool
Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool, became Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1812 - a most interesting year.

Lord Liverpool is quick to profess on behalf of himself and the government the esteem and gratitude which are rightly Mr Norrell's due: nevertheless, he generally fails to fall in with either his wishes or his views. He dismisses out of hand Norrell's plan to re-constitute the court known as the Cinque Dragownes [37], and when after his quarrel with Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell attempts to complain that official bodies continue to use his former pupil's services, Lord Liverpool does not sympathize. His view is that there is a great public need for more, not fewer magicians, and so he does not listen to Mr Norrell's complaints about Strange's taking in pupils. Indeed, he gives Mr Norrell a strong hint that he should do the same[50]. On the occasion when it becomes plain that fairy roads are reopening and that Strange's magic is beyond civil control, Lord Liverpool goes so far as to become, if not severe, then very cool to Mr Norrell - holding him to account, as the senior magician, for any and all inconveniences arising from the practice of magic in England[61].

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