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A view of the Lincolnshire fens

Lincolnshire is a county on the east coast of England, a little to the south of Yorkshire. The landscape is rather flat, as much of it has been reclaimed by drainage from marshland (known locally as "the Fens"); but it is fertile and very prosperous for farming, growing great quantities of beet, cabbages, wheat, barley, onions etc. The presence of a great many windmills perhaps spoils the prospect.

Stamford in Lincolnshire is the home of Mr and Mrs Whittlesea, once embroiled in the affair of the Pevensey Letters[35]. It is also the scene of an incident which Lord Liverpool draws to the attention of Mr. Norrell when he complains to him about the outbreaks of unlicensed magic taking place in various counties of England early in 1817. It appears that two young girls whispering secrets to each other in a house in Stamford were able to perform a spontaneous act of magic, although neither had ever before studied magic or so much as seen a magic book. According to Lord Liverpool, at this date "There are no magicians in Stamford, no magic books of any kind[61]". This indicates that magicianship in Stamford at least is sadly fallen off from what it was in Mr and Mrs Whittlesea's day.