Joscelin de Snitton

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The fiendish Joscelin mere moments before receiving a piece of chopped liver (although Lady Cecily de Walbrook might be preparing her recipe for black pudding).

Joscelin de Snitton (fl.1232): Of Southern England, perhaps from Snitton in Shropshire, de Snitton was a minor magician who fell foul of medieval standards regarding modesty of conduct towards one's betters. He transformed himself into an animal in order to gain intimate access to a certain Lady Cecily de Walbrook, a nobleman's wife. Appearing in the guise of a handsome cat he insinuated himself into her graces, allowing her to feed him from her own hand and, most shockingly, following her into her chamber when she retired. Detected and unmasked by the magician Walter de Chepe, he was shortly thereafter arraigned before the Petty Dragownes of London, which ordered him to have his right hand stricken off[48].