John Hollyshoes

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John Hollyshoes is the name by which Christians refer to a fairy prince mentioned by Dr Martin Pale. Dr Pale was the last of the Aureate magicians to travel willingly into Faerie. He describes how on one such visit he came across a human child, Anne Bloodworth, working in the kitchens of John Hollyshoes's castle. How she came to be there is not known, but an Anne Bloodworth was among the victims of a kidnapping which had happened in Bradford on Avon in 1310, some two hundred years before Dr Pale met her. How she came to be in the castle of John Hollyshoes, and his connection with the fairy Buckler who kidnapped her, is not clear[5].

In 1811 a fairy prince named John Hollyshoes is vanquished by the part-fairy, part-human clergyman and scholar Rev. Alessandro Simonelli who, in defence of his own life (and that of a young woman under his protection) is obliged to cleave Hollyshoes in two like an apple. From topographical details given in the story of the two, it appears Hollyshoes' castle was called Allhope House and situate - insofar as any fairy residence can be said to be anything so secure as "situate" - near the village of Allhope in Derbyshire[LoGA].