Henry Barbatus

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Henry Barbatus: eldest son of the mid-thirteenth century nobleman and conspirator Robert Barbatus, Earl of Wharfdale. A very brave, chivalrous and beautiful young man, entirely free from his father's bent for treachery, Henry had the misfortune to die of a fever. He was afterwards exhumed at the orders of John Uskglass, who next performed an infamous piece of magic to reanimate his corpse, which he then questioned in a most brutal and unbecoming fashion. This indecent act of the King's led to a very bitter quarrel between Uskglass and two of his dearest friends, Thomas of Dundale and William of Lanchester, which lasted for some years[31].

Centuries later Jonathan Strange adapted the spell the King had used on Barbatus to revive the Seventeen Dead Neapolitans.