Great Hitherden

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Great Hitherden was the parish in Northamptonshire of which Henry Woodhope became the rector. Woodhope was offered the living by Sir Walter Pole, in whose gift it lay; but Sir Walter only offered it at the behest of Jonathan Strange, who particularly wished his wife's brother to break off an unsuitable attachment he had formed while rector of Grace Adieu in Gloucestershire[LoGA]. Strange reasoned that the distractions of Great Hitherden, an altogether larger and wealthier parish, would soon wear away whatever impression that had been made on Woodhope's heart by any lady of Grace Adieu. In this he was correct[43].

By a strange coincidence, Lady Pole has a large estate at Great Hitherden[15] - although perhaps this is not so strange. No doubt this explains how Sir Walter comes to have the disposal of the advowson there.