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A lane in Gloucestershire

The county of Gloucester is in the south-west of England, and though possessing several handsome towns is largely agricultural. What the eye can see above the earth is generally an excellent prospect - villages built of Cotswold stone, well-tilled fields, imposing stands of trees etc - but below the earth is even more variety. It has been well observed that one can scarce dig down six feet in Gloucestershire without striking the remains of something or other, be it an ancient burial, a Saxon tomb, or a Roman pavement. It must be a great inconvenience to the inhabitants. Uley Long Barrow, reputed to be the site of an old fairy brugh, is in Gloucestershire, where it is but one of many such. (Others include Norn's Tump, Briery Hill, The Soldier's Grave, Bellas Knap, The Devil's Churchyard and so forth - the list is a long one.)

Rev. Henry Woodhope is at one point in our narrative a curate in Gloucestershire, and later holds the benefice of Grace Adieu there. But this latter does not answer Mr Strange's ideas for his friend, and he uses his interest with Sir Walter Pole to arrange a better situation for him in Northamptonshire[LoGA].

Monk Gretton, the village where Strange first meets Vinculus, is possibly in Gloucestershire[22].