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Faerie, the natal home and dwelling-place of the fairies, is a realm connected only magically to England.

Reliable information on Faerie is difficult to come by. Many of those who visit do not do so willingly and the majority never return.

It apparently comprises several states with different rulers, rather than being a single kingdom. As well as Lost-hope, (the personal fiefdom of the gentleman with the thistle-down hair), other fairy territories mentioned include a dukedom, Pity-me, Untold Blessings, the City of Iron Angels and the Blue Castles [32].

Further evidence that Faerie consists of several kingdoms can be found in the description of how, when the Raven King was a child, it was foretold that if he came to adulthood then "all the old fairy kingdoms would fall" [51]. Whether this meant he actually conquered them however is debatable. Certainly in his interview with King Henry in 1111, after his successful invasion of England, the Raven King claimed merely to be "a king in Faerie" (emphasis added), rather than the King of Faerie: and he was at that time clearly not its sole king, since he named his fairy overlord, Oberon [45]. He later however appears to have controlled the King's Other Lands - described as "part of Faerie" - but the exact extent of his dominion there is not evident.

In addition certain powerful personalities among fairies, such as Cold Henry, Col Tom Blue and John Hollyshoes appear to have acted as independent rulers of brughs.