Col Tom Blue

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Col Tom Blue was the ruler of a castle in Faerie. Old stories had it that the powerful and learned Aureate magician Ralph Stokesey wished to make him into his servant. Col Tom Blue however, who was of a "wild, unruly" character (the gentleman with the thistle-down hair calls him a "low person"[54]), refused him three times: thereupon, according to legend, Stokesey made himself invisible and followed Col Tom Blue back to his castle, where, guilefully impersonating the East, West, North and South Winds, he gained the sort of information he needed to force the fairy to obey his will. Before matters reached that pass however Col Tom Blue, who had discovered to his alarm that such significant personages as the Four Winds had been making enquiries about him, voluntarily came to Stokesey and assented to his request[54].

Jonathan Strange considered this account to be largely fanciful, but thought that perhaps Stokesey had indeed penetrated Col Tom Blue's castle and thus proved to its ruler that he was a magician of skill and note.

Col Tom Blue was later part-author of a biography, the Mirrour of the Lyf of Ralph Stokesie, the only surviving copy of which was bought by Gilbert Norrell for 2,100 guineas at the sale of the Duke of Roxburghe's library[28].