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A typical church in Hope valley
Allhope is the name of the village in Derbyshire to which the unsuspecting Alessandro Simonelli is despatched by the machinations of his enemy Dr. Prothero. Mr. Simonelli accepts the position of rector there under a cruel misapprehension; only when he arrives does he discover his future home to be bleak, uncouth and sparsely populated, with scarcely a gentleman's family in the neighbourhood save that of Mrs Gathercole. Near to the village Mr. Simonelli also discovers the home of his half-cousin, the fairy prince John Hollyshoes.

We are not told which part of Derbyshire Allhope is in but it may perhaps be in the Hope Valley, a natural feature formed by the waters of the Noe, the Peak Water and the River Derwent [LoGA].