A spell to disguise oneself as a shadow

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When after his breach with Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell instructs his servant Childermass to dog his rival's footsteps and discover whatever he is about, Childermass complies. Thus it is that he is present when Strange arrives at the house in Spitalfields where live the two engravers who are to illustrate his planned book on magic. He is in fact watching from a doorway as Strange's carriage draws up - but in disguise: for he has used magic to take upon himself the appearance of a strong shadow[48]. The strategem does not answer on this occasion however, for Strange quickly detects him. (This is not due to any magical powers on the latter's part: it is merely that he is quick-sighted and, having formerly studied drawing, sees at once that the position of the "shadow" in the doorway does not fall as it should.)

gruesome shadow.jpg

Tricky things, shadows... Even Peter Pan had issues with his. Then again, this rather grim and gruesome picture has a raven on it, so what else could I have done?